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Award-Winning business strategist that has led corporations to high-performance sales teams with a demonstrated history of consulting with companies in a variety of fields. Specializes in training business executives, companies, and corporations on methods, techniques he has developed over the years on adopting both sides of the buyer-seller relationships.


TCR CONSULTING AGENCY™ Fully-Accredited Online Education and Business Development Company. We set our business apart with trust, advertising that it offers full transparency in its programs, integrity in the enrollment process, and proof that students can find success after the program. We help our clients start to think differently, discover opportunities, prioritize tasks, focus on the right strategies. Provide structure, motivation, and leadership to grow sales, increase profits, and achieve growth in any industry from new entrepreneurs to seasoned companies looking to reach new heights. work with a wide range of clients that ensures full transparency of our academic programs, complete integrity in our enrollment process, and proof that our students can find success after going through our programs. From start to finish, we aim to bring clarity for our potential customers starting with our Online Business Assessment that provides prospective students clarity on how to match their personalities into the right business model.

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THE WIN-WIN EFFECT™ Podcast Isn’t about being nice; it is a character-based code for human interaction and collaboration in business. You will not have to listen long without quickly making “The Win-Win Effect™ Podcast,” one of your favorite podcasts. Each episode, Chris Ross, (award-winning sales trainer, creator of an accredited business development company, TCR Consulting Agency) will explore proven strategies that focus on increasing overall experience for customers, clients, and students of those particular programs. No matter the industry you are currently in, anyone listening will receive massive amounts of value from the proven strategies that Chris uses to consult new and existing businesses, several nationally accredited education programs, sales, marketing, real estate agencies, and more. The Win-Win Effect™ Podcast is all about creating high-performance team environments that inspire employees to peak performance and business strategies that consistently deliver profitable sales growth.

Keep Moving. Keep Growing. Keep Learning.

"My Business Philosophy has always been to create an environment that’s main objective is to nurture positive employee and customer relationships where we all have the outcome in mind of everyone winning. The practical application of this philosophy is to ensure that there is constant growth of adapting real-life solutions to each of the potential customer problems. Supporting these relationships will bring everyone involved in mutual success in the form of providing instructions, knowledge, and resources necessary to get the job done to the best of everyone’s ability."
Chris Ross

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Accredited Business Training Reveals
How You Can Take Advantage Now & Learn How to Build a Business of Your Own
Accredited Sales Training Reveals
How You Can Take Advantage Now & Learn How to Build a Business of Your Own

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