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Highly Experienced Business Strategist with a demonstrated history of consulting with companies in a variety of fields that specializes in education, leadership in the executive teams, compliance, and high-level sales teams. Creator of multiple nationally accredited education, business & sales programs.


TCR CONSULTING AGENCY™ Training Platform of courses are all built from an entrepreneur point of view with the career skills and certifications they’re looking for in their next level of Success. Students who enroll in TCR business trades training programs become more marketable than the competition as our programs are designed to make students eligible for recognized certifications, to connect them to investors with electronic profiles on our TCR platform, and to further demonstrate career skills with verifiable badges that demonstrate skills to maximize profits. Featured programs go through extensive consulting by Chris Ross' team of experts in various of areas of Business. TCR Placement Program™, Path to Mastery™ and Between the Numbers™ have been contracted by Nationally Accredited Programs in the United States in 19 Trade Schools and has been recognized as the best place for start-ups to learn how to successfully launch businesses.

Podcast Host

THE WIN-WIN EFFECT™ Podcast isn’t about being nice; it is a character-based code for human interaction and collaboration in business. You will not have to listen long without quickly making “The Win-Win Effect Podcast,” one of your favorite podcasts. Each episode, Chris Ross, Founder/CEO, creator of many business/sales programs, will explore proven strategies that focus on increasing overall experience for customers, clients, and students of those particular programs. No matter the industry you are currently in or position you now hold this podcast will share the methods they use to consult new and existing businesses, several nationally accredited education programs, sales, marketing, real estate agencies and more. The Win-Win Effect Podcast is all about creating high-performance team environments that inspire employees to peak performance and business strategies that consistently deliver profitable sales growth.

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