Budget Evaluation

Budget Evaluation

Let's Focus on Solutions.

Not problems.

With being an entrepreneur, you are always going to look at how to expand your company, and so you can position yourself correctly.

We have a preferred lender in place for you; this assignment is not to get you a bunch of credit.

The objective is for you to find out where you are financially, and to see what you could qualify for. I am hoping that this will create options for you and your new business.

As your Mentor, I have to be able to make sure I am giving the right recommendations based off what your needs are. I would love to focus more of my time on coaching you so my Funding team can deal with the financial advice you need. 

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United States Clients


After choosing option 1 or 2

Send Email to

USA Funding

Curtis Nalley

  • Title: CEO-Owner
  • Email: underwriting@lendingamericallc.com

Evan Arancibia

  • Title: Senior Underwriter
  • Email: evan@lendingamericallc.com

International Clients


Step 2

Send Email to

Team Chris Ross™ | Consulting Agency

Team Chris Ross, LLC

TCR™ will be following up with our Funding Team on the results. 

If you do not hear anything from them in more than two to three [2-3] business days, feel free send them an email with the addresses provided above or contact TCR™ Funding Liaison


Team Chris Ross™ is committed to helping students obtain the maximum amount of financial assistance possible (if you qualify). 

However, students must assume responsibility for complying with all requirements necessary to process their application.

Additionally, the Funding Team is not responsible for any student’s financial obligations to any other business other than appointed from Team Chris Ross™ and Staff. You must individually make sure that your financial requirements are adequately met. 

Information in this guide is subject to change with revised regulations and guidelines.